Landlord Tenant Law Seminar ~ Earn Continuing Ed Credit ~ May 21st

This seminar is designed for attorneys, property managers, landlords, accountants, housing coordinators, real estate agents, business owners and more.  Benefits for you:  avoid legal battles by getting a firm grasp of both landlord and tenant obligations; determine what questions you can ask on a rental application; decide when you should terminate tenancy; and protect your bottom line.    Click here for the flyer.

Avoiding Eviction Blunders ~ Rob Trickler ~ May 28th

Come to our May meeting and ask the questions. Lets talk. A lot has changed for landlords over the last couple of years. Do you know what those changes are? Are you current on the laws? Are you aware of the trends on capitol hill that are working against landlords? Would you like to get an update? Personally I think everyone in this business needs to understand what our opposition is saying, in order to support what they are trying to do; so that we as landlords don’t fall into the trap of giving them ammunition to use against us.  We can just open the floor up to issues and attempt to answer the questions around them and talk about best practices and how to avoid ending up in the eviction process.

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