Advertise your Company’s services in The Source.  We also offer web links for only $25 a year. 

Are you a landlord and want to want to sell your rental units?  What better market!?

We offer our newsletter to our members via our website, mail and email which gets distributed to over 500 members in Puget Sound.  SCAOA/LANS is one of the oldest and largest landlord associations in the north Puget Sound.  Don’t miss an opportunity to advertise to those in the real estate industry. We also offer affiliate membership for benefits, networking and discounts.


Ad sizes and Prices for Camera Ready or JPEG format

Pre-Paid in advance of Publication, deadline for ad and payment by the 15th of the month

Index Listing Only or Web-link:  $ 25.00 yr

1/8 Page-2” x 3” (Bus. Card)         $15.00/mo.   $60.00/6 mos.    $100.00/yr

1/4 Page-3 3/4” x 4 3/4”               $30.00/mo.   $120.00/6 mos.   $200.00/yr

1/3 Page-3” x 6 7/8”                      $50.00/mo.   $220.00/6 mos.   $375.00/yr

1/2 Page-7 1/2” x 4 3/4”               $60.00/mo.   $240.00/6 mos.   $400.00/yr

Full Page-7 1/2” x 9 1/2”               $120.00/mo.  $480.00/6 mos.   $800.00/yr

Set-up and Change-Out (i.e. modified ad) fees:

Index/web listing  $10
Bus. Card  $10.00
1/4 Page    $25.00
1/3 Page    $40.00
1/2 Page    $50.00
Full Page $100.00

Insert Full Page (Advertiser supplied) $125.00 (double-sided ok)

Advertising Contract

Advertising Rates 2013

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Remember Members:  Tell advertisers you are a member and you saw their ad in “The Source”!

While SCAOA/LANS accepts advertising, we cannot endorse the advertiser or otherwise guarantee the quality of the products or services being advertised. Such guarantees, written or implied, are solely the responsibility of the advertiser.


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